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Cottage in Ljusfallshammar
  Cottage by the lake
Cottage in Ljusfallshammar, Östergötland
Log cabin to rent in Ljusfallshammar, situated 50 kilometers west of Norrköping in the county of ...

  6 Beds   5300 SEK/W
775 SEK/Day

Cottage in Harstena, Gryts skärgård
  Cottage on the island Harstena
Cottage in Harstena, Gryts skärgård, Östergötland
The cottage has two floors. One bedroom and open hall on the top floor, all-purpose room with kitc...

  4 + 1 Beds   4000 - 6000 SEK/W
1500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Söderköping
  Göta Canal, Mems schoolhouse
Cottage in Söderköping, Östergötland
At the Östergötland coast between Norrköping and Söderköping lies Mem which is the first sluice at...

  6 Beds   2900 - 4500 SEK/W
900 - 1200 SEK/Day

Cottage in Åtvidaberg
  Two newly renovated cottages
Cottage in Åtvidaberg, Östergötland
Newly renovated beautifully situated accommodation in two cabins in the scenic location within wal...

  6 + 6 Beds   4900 - 4900 SEK/W
800 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Harstena, Gryts skärgård
  Stay on the island Harstena in Gryts skärgård (archipelago)
Cottage in Harstena, Gryts skärgård, Östergötland
Rent the upper floor in this turn of the century house on Harstena in Gryts skärgård (archipelago)...

  4 + 2 Beds   4000 - 5500 SEK/W
1200 SEK/Day

Flat in Valdemarsvik
  The homestead on Sandviks Gård
Flat in Valdemarsvik, Östergötland
The homestead is a spacious apartment (90 m2) for up to 8 people. The apartment has two floors and...

  8 Beds   5000 SEK/W

Cottage in Harstena, Gryts skärgård
  Cottage with seaview
Cottage in Harstena, Gryts skärgård, Östergötland
Cottage located at Harstena in a beautiful part of the east archipelago. only 100 meters from the ...

  4 + 1 Beds   5000 - 8000 SEK/W
2000 SEK/Day

House in Valdemarsvik
  Gestcottage with high standard
House in Valdemarsvik, Östergötland
The guest cottage is located on the same site as the hosts home. It is situated high overlooking V...

  4 Beds   3500 - 5000 SEK/W

House in Björke Norrgård, Igelfors, Finspång
  House in country style environment
House in Björke Norrgård, Igelfors, Finspång, Östergötland
Get away from the city to a totally renovated farm in 19th century style with 4 bedrooms. Large ga...

  8 Beds   5800 - 7500 SEK/W
1000 - 1250 SEK/Day

Cottage in Rönnäs, Ydre
  Rönnäs at lake Sommen
Cottage in Rönnäs, Ydre, Östergötland
Summer house in Rönnäs in southern Östergötland with a fantastic view of the beautiful lake Sommen...

  5 Beds   4000 - 5000 SEK/W

House in Åtvidaberg
  Spacious summer house with swimming and fishing
House in Åtvidaberg, Östergötland
30 km South East of Linköping and about 10 km from Åtvidaberg lies the farm Björkekrog. The old h...

  6 + 2 Beds   4000 SEK/W

Cottage in Ydre
  Hult Södergård, Ydre
Cottage in Ydre, Östergötland
An old farm house in the village of Hult, Ydre. Close to Lake Sommen (about 200 m) and to a small ...

  10 + 6 Beds   10000 SEK/W

Cottage in Valdemarsvik
  Private Seashore Jetty/Sundeck Archipelago
Cottage in Valdemarsvik, Östergötland
Archipelago paradise just about 40 m from the Sea. House and guesthouse just by the seashore on a ...

  6 Beds   6570 - 12670 SEK/W

Cottage in Vänsö, Sankt Anna skärgård
  18th century cottage by the sea
Cottage in Vänsö, Sankt Anna skärgård, Östergötland
Rent an 18th centrury cottage in the archipelago of St Anna! Wonderfully genuine interior in the c...

  4 + 1 Beds   5400 - 6000 SEK/W
1400 - 2000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Vänsö, Sankt Anna skärgård
  Small cottage by the sea
Cottage in Vänsö, Sankt Anna skärgård, Östergötland
Rent a small cottage next to the sea for two people! You will find amazing rocks in western ideal ...

  2 Beds   2000 - 2800 SEK/W

Cottage in Simonstorp, Åby, Norrköping
Cottage in Simonstorp, Åby, Norrköping, Östergötland
We hire out weekly a cottage for a maximum of 5 people. It is situated in a natural area, surr...

  2 + 3 Beds   2850 - 3300 SEK/W

Cottage in Finspång
  Cottage near Norrköping
Cottage in Finspång, Östergötland
If you want to spend your holidays in Östergötland, then Finspång, located at the lake Glan, will ...

  4 + 2 Beds   3400 - 3800 SEK/W
700 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Linköping
  Cottage near Linköping
Cottage in Linköping, Östergötland
Older charming cottage into forest and 1000m to lake Roxen and beach. If you like old Swedish cott...

  4 Beds   5500 SEK/W

Cottage in Björkfors
  Charming cottage by Åsunden beach
Cottage in Björkfors, Östergötland
This charming lodge is located on the shores of one of south Östergötlands largest and most beauti...

  6 + 5 Beds   7000 - 6000 SEK/W
1200 - 1500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Kolmården, Norrköping Kvarsebo
  Cottage by the Sea Near Kolmårdens Zoo
Cottage in Kolmården, Norrköping Kvarsebo, Östergötland
A summer cottage at Bråvikens north beach, in the middle of Kvarsebo. The cottage is equipped with...

  6 + 2 Beds   6500 SEK/W
950 SEK/Day
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