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Cottage in Steneby
  Holiday home with a superb location
Cottage in Steneby, Dalsland
Welcome to our familys beautiful summer house in Steneby with water so clean you can drink it! We ...

  6 + 4 Beds   6352 - 11550 SEK/W

House in Nössemark
  Lakeside house Wild Beautiful Nössemark
House in Nössemark, Dalsland
Knäppet: Large and cozy house from 1900 close to Stora Lee. Most of the house is renovated in old...

  9 + 1 Beds   4900 - 6900 SEK/W

Cabin in Åmål
  Croft /cottage at Dalsland
Cabin in Åmål, Dalsland
Cozy croft in calm location. Closest neighbour 1 km away. The croft is the only house at the end ...

  4 + 2 Beds   2800 - 3800 SEK/W

Cottage in Åmål
  Cottage 75 meter from Vänern
Cottage in Åmål, Dalsland
Timbered cottage thats an old warehouse containing a large room with sofa bed and bunk bed, kitche...

  4 Beds   4300 - 5300 SEK/W
860 - 1060 SEK/Day

Farm in Tisselskog, Dals Långed
  Countryside charm in Dalsland
Farm in Tisselskog, Dals Långed, Dalsland
In this large newly renovated countryside home from 1900, you will have a possibility to experienc...

  10 + 4 Beds   7500 - 9500 SEK/W

House in Bengtsfors
  Villa Solviken with boat in Bengtsfors
House in Bengtsfors, Dalsland
Welcome to our Villa Solviken in Bengtsfors, 17miles northern from Gothenburg. ⭐️&#...

  6 Beds   12500 - 15000 SEK/W
1785 - 2142 SEK/Day

Cottage in Torrskog, Bengtsfors
  Cottage at Barkerud, northern Dalsland
Cottage in Torrskog, Bengtsfors, Dalsland
Cozy renovated cottage with large glass encrust deck with furniture under roof. Large garden for p...

  6 Beds   3800 - 4000 SEK/W
700 - 850 SEK/Day

Cottage in Översidan, Laxarby, Bengtsfors
  Cottage with view of lake, near Laxsjön
Cottage in Översidan, Laxarby, Bengtsfors, Dalsland
Scenic spot with amazing areas around. View of a lake and behind it is woodlands. The cottage is ...

  4 + 1 Beds   3900 SEK/W

House in Mellerud
  Beautiful summer house with private dock and lake view
House in Mellerud, Dalsland
Welcome to our familys fully renovated holiday house at Örsjön in Dalsland! The house is situat...

  2 + 1 Beds   4750 - 8500 SEK/W

House in Dals Rostock
  Large house in nice nature with lakeside location
House in Dals Rostock, Dalsland
The house is in a nice nature with a view of Lake Näsölen which has a small nice beach. Experience...

  6 + 2 Beds   4900 - 6900 SEK/W

Cottage in Mellerud
  House / Cottage Sunnanå Hamn Mellerud
Cottage in Mellerud, Dalsland
Welcome to rent our lovely house located in the middle of Sunnanå Harbor with a wonderful view of ...

  5 + 2 Beds   1100 SEK/Day

Farm in Färgelanda
  Sandviken farm house
Farm in Färgelanda, Dalsland
Just renovated Farmhouse inbetween two lakes. Your own lake beach and boat. All in a traditional...

  6 + 2 Beds   3900 - 6100 SEK/W
950 - 950 SEK/Day

Cottage in Bengtsfors, Dals Långed
  Fully equipped cottage with wonderful views
Cottage in Bengtsfors, Dals Långed, Dalsland
Highly located cabin, Katthult, renovated 2010 with all amenities. Berry and mushrooms adjacent to...

  6 + 4 Beds   7000 SEK/W
1500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Stuga, Dalskog, Mellerud
  Nice cottage close to lake
Cottage in Stuga, Dalskog, Mellerud, Dalsland
Nice cottage 400 meters from the lake Erve. There is a rowboat and Canadian canoe which can be use...

  4 + 2 Beds   7000 SEK/W
1200 SEK/Day

Cottage in Färgelanda
  Cozy cottage in scenic Dalsland
Cottage in Färgelanda, Dalsland
Fresh cottage in the countryside, 4 beds, room and kitchen, 40 sqm, wc and shower. Very suitable l...

  4 Beds   2300 - 2700 SEK/W

Cottage in Bengtsfors
  Björnliden in the middle of the forest
Cottage in Bengtsfors, Dalsland
The cottage is surrounded by meadows with woods around. You get Your water in the stream behind t...

  6 Beds   3750 SEK/W
750 SEK/Day

Farm in Sannebo
  Stay with nature as your neighbour!
Farm in Sannebo, Dalsland
Come and stay at our little farm! Here you can stay with nature as your neighbour and with walki...

  6 + 1 Beds   3500 - 6000 SEK/W

Cottage in Köpmannebro
  Beautiful farm house near the water
Cottage in Köpmannebro, Dalsland
A beautiful farm house on the edge of Dalslands canal. This large house is located high on a plo...

  4 + 2 Beds   7800 - 11000 SEK/W
1500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Mellerud
  House on Kroppefjäll Dalsland
Cottage in Mellerud, Dalsland
House from 1850 5 beds and (2 beds in lake house 1500+) sauna 500/v electric motor 400/v

  5 + 2 Beds   6000 - 8000 SEK/W

Cottage in Mellerud
  House for Natur lovers
Cottage in Mellerud, Dalsland
Natur with many lakes and big forest on Kroppefjäll . Most importent Big summer terrass with a roof

  5 Beds   3000 - 4500 SEK/W
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